Hello! Nice to meet you!

I'd like to take a moment to thank you for visiting my store and to explain a little of the background behind the business. 

Growing up, I felt like menstruation was something to hide and be ashamed of. So much so that when I first got my period I was mortified and I desperately tried to hide it. This shame sat with me for many years and every month I would feel trapped by my own body, deathly scared of leaks etc.

Discovering cloth was a life changing experience for me. All of a sudden, menstruation became something to be celebrated - with fun fabrics and shapes. It became a lot more comfortable thanks to breathable soft materials which were far more reliable than disposables. 

Most importantly though, it became an empowering process, and something which I no longer felt ashamed of. Cloth has allowed me to feel strong, in charge of my body and empowered. My hope is to be able to help you feel the same way, too!

                 - Morgen

Morgen Dunn, Owner of Aunt Irma's Cloth Pads